About Us

The Explored Co. Community

With over half a million online followers across a growing family of social media channels, we share images, experience, and products that inspire adventure. Join us in exploring a land for dreamers, where untamed wilderness and complexly geometric urbanscapes can be good neighbors.


Creative: The vision and experience of explorers, seeking new views, stewarding natural resources, sharing adventure.

Collaborative: To go, to see, and to do – it’s better when we’re in it together, when we work together. Let’s share information, experience, and products that open up the beautiful outdoors for everyone

Community: Inspiring explorers to consume less and create more, learning what it takes to be good neighbors. Join us in exploring, wherever you are.


Who are we?

Dylan Hatfield

Partner; Business Development

Eric Muhr

Partner; Community Development

Ryan Weier

Partner; Creative Director